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SpellAfrica’s History

It’s a volunteer based educational project initiated by Erezi Edoreh, on a journey to bring together the over 140 million products of literacy in Nigeria to give back, free adult education classes to transform the over 65 million youth and adults in Nigeria, who were robbed of basic education growing up as boys and girls, to become functional literates, able to read and write out of extreme poverty.

Literacy is a key driver for sustainable development. Literacy skills are the prerequisite for the learning of a broader set of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values, required for creating sustainable societies.
As the current economic hardship eats deeper in the country, it’s hitting badly on the large number of over 65 million illiterate youths and adults in Nigeria,

Since 2016 when we began, with the aid of over 100 global working-class volunteer teachers, made up of celebrities, public figures and public office holders, and we have been able to sustain these free classes till date.

Having three different level of classes, an adult student who cannot read and write, with our free evening literacy classes, would be transformed to become a functional literate able to read and write and decide to attempt admission into the university or otherwise.


The main objective of this project is to transform the over 65 million youths and adults in Nigeria, especially women to become functional literates, able to read and write out of extreme poverty.
The project addresses the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 1,4 and 5 and seeks to give the over 65 million illiterate adults in Nigeria free education – an opportunity to learn how to read and write out of extreme poverty.


We intend to employ the Montessori teaching method i.e Montessori Adult School, and the 21st century vocational training, on these 65 million adults, with little or no basic education, who operates their small personal businesses, jobless or manage low income jobs.

The goal is to empower the participants to be effective communicators so that they can secure better jobs, understand their rights and duties as Nigerian citizens and ultimately, alleviate poverty.
We strongly believe with these, they would do better in their small businesses, get better paid jobs and live better lives.

Our Classes

Our volunteer teaching based comprehensive free evening literacy classes for adults, holds every weekday from 4pm – 6pm in the evening, supported by volunteer teachers all over the world.
It’s a nine months yearly session duration, with three terms making a session.
The free classes are divided into 4, for effective and impactful teaching, monitoring and evaluation, taking an illiterate adult to progress in stages, from illiteracy to become equipped to attempt University education.
Class 1 (FOUNDATION): It covers all curriculum of the regular primary 1.
Class 2 (BASIC): It covers the curriculum of the regular primary 2 to 3.
Class 3 (Post-basic 1): It covers the curriculum of the regular primary 4 to 6
Class 4 (Post-basic 2): It covers the curriculum of the regular JSS 1 to 3


VOCATIONAL BUSINESS TRAINING: As part of the project, we had usually equip these illiterate youths and adults who do not have jobs as a result of not being able to read and write. They are equipped with vocational skills that they can use to start up their own businesses, so they can sustain themselves and their families, while learning.


We surprise the adult students with public figures and celebrities to come teach them in the classroom. We do this to inspire the students with their inspirational success stories to never give up in their quest to become literate, despite their challenges including late age. Past celebrity teachers includes; Banky W, Simi Drey, Chuey Chu, Yaw, Lolo of Wazobia fm, Sensei Uche, Deji Badmus, Uzo of Wazobia fm, and so many more.


We invite international volunteer teachers outside the country to teach the students via skype live in the classroom to expose them to the world of opportunities outside Nigeria. Past international volunteer teachers includes the global head of United Nations HeForShe; Elizabeth Nyamayaro.